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This coming Sunday many churches in the UK will mark the Racial Justice Sunday, when we reflect on how our prejudices sometimes cause distress and pain to those that are different than us. I feel that too many churches don’t take this issue seriously enough. Minority ethnic people still face prejudice and discrimination, and many of them experience these in our churches. You can download resources for Racial Justice Sunday for free from CTBI (Churches Together in Britain and Ireland) website. (Just to say that I was part of the team that prepared this year’s resources, so you better use them!)

On a related issue: I wrote a post a while ago suggesting that a community radio station in Glasgow, radio Awaz, actively discriminates against Christians in Glasgow. The Sunday Times at the weekend published short article saying that Mahboob is calling for the cut in public funding on this radio station and he is now going to take his case to the European Parliament. I still think that Asian Christians (in particular those from Pakistan and Iran) suffer double discrimination in this country. This case though brings to the fore a religious dimension which complicates the issue.

I find it though puzzling that sometimes people who are discriminated against find it very easy to exclude and marginalise others.


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