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This is the man the Romanian Baptists have recently declared him (excommunicated him?) as an heretic (meanwhile the website of the Baptist Union have removed the link – a good chronology of the story can be found on Istorie evanghelica Romanian blog). Does the history repeat itself? The communists persecuted him and now the Baptists, his brothers and sisters, the people he stood up for, are now denigrating him – executing him morally. He is charged because he declared himself to be not cessationist (he believes that the Holy Spirit still speaks directly to people and we see his manifestation in healing, etc… see the link) and because he supports a movement called Strajerii (the watchmen) a non-denominational organisation that has some charismatic elements (not extreme though) and which prays for spiritual renewal.

Ton describes this as a development in his theology. Hardly a sin I would say, not even a major change. It is natural to grow in a relationship with God. See Ton’s explanation of his theology here.

They even passed a resolution to interdict his sermons to be broadcast on Radio Vocea Evengheliei (a national Christian Radio network), a radio that he has pioneered in Romania. The Romanian Missionary Society, the society he headed for a long time and helped build, has also released news that they don’t want anything to do with him.

Please pray for Joseph and his family now – and also for his executors, which are so many, in particular on Romanian speaking Evangelical blogs.

Ton has had a great influence on me and on many other church leaders in Romania and throughout the world.

PS. I am really sorry that I have to write this critical post to the Romanian Baptist Union but I can’t stand by without pointing out to the wrong they are doing. Even in a non Christian context it is unacceptable to treat someone the way they treat Ton.

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