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Dogmatist scientists need to be reminded, now and again, that the discipline of science is not about absolute truth. So says Robert Winston.
As I was getting ready to go to bed last night I was flickering through the channels on my new TV (well you know when you have a new toy you need to get used to it) I noticed that Robert Winston was the guest on BBC 24 hard talk programme. Winston was answering the question “can we trust the science” (you can still watch the full programme on the BBC iPlayer).
Winston pointed out that in the wake of the recent scandals (i.e. climate gate) there is some unhealthy arrogance among some scientists which is rather damaging to science.
The following words struck me “there is a degree of scientific dogma, when, for example, very strong committed atheist, for example, talk about science being the absolute truth, I don’t think that really helps science, it is rather undermining because science is not just about truth it is about probabilities, it’s about likelihood to some extent, and of course what we know from the science and what I say in this book, of course, is the more we explore the more half truths or part truths we find that the more we find that we actually can’t explain”!
One might also say that the religious dogmatist need to also be reminded that religious dogmas are human constructs that reflect cultural, historic and social context that gave birth to them. Therefore these dogmas need to be re-evaluated all the time, and as such might not be ‘absolute truth’. What do people think?


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A polemic started on Guardian website on whether a schism begins to emerge within the atheist ‘movement’ (but some don’t even see atheism as a movement). The polemic is getting hotter and hotter (by the day, if not the hour). It was started by Michael Ruse with an article “Dawkins et al bring us into disrepute”.

In this article Ruse unleashes a devastating attack against “new atheism”, seeing it as dangerous as all religious forms of fundamentalism. Here is the final paragraph from Ruse’s article. 

“Back in 1961, in the depths of the cold war, terrified as we were by the threat of nuclear annihilation, John Whitcomb Junior and Henry Morris published The Genesis Flood, a six-day-creationist account of origins. Because of its dispensationalist message – God clears things out every now and then, as he did at the time of Noah, and we should expect the next (literal) blow up fairly shortly – it became the fundamentalist bible. But don’t worry. It’s all part of God’s plans, even the Russian bomb. Today, nearly a decade after 9/11, terrified as so many still are by the terrorist threat, the atheistic fundamentalists are finding equally fertile soil for their equally frenetic messages. It’s all the fault of the believers, Muslims mainly of course, but Christians also. But don’t worry. In the God Delusion, we have a message as simplistic as in The Genesis Flood. This too will solve all of your problems. Peace and prosperity await you in this world, if not the next.

Forgive me if I don’t sign on”.

I am looking forward to see where the debate will go.

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If you thought you heard it all, wait for this: an American Pastor of a Baptist Church is going to burn bibles on this year’s Halloween! He thinks that the only “inerrant” and inspired bible is the King James version and all other versions of the bible are of the devil, or Satanic as he puts it.  He plans to burn copies of different versions of the bible, books by many Christian authors such as Billy Graham, Rick Warren, etc.., and music by all sort of artists.

The whole church will have a party and a barbecue around the fire. They are inviting the whole community to join them in their holy sacrifice ceremony! Needless to say though that this church has a huge membership: 12! Yes twelve!

A friendlier burning ‘ceremony’ I suppose. In the past we used to burn witches, didn’t we? I like my NRSV though. The Greek New Testament is often handy (not sure if this one is on the list), but also the Romanian translation now and again. I am not sure that Pastor Grizzard could read the Bible in other language, because if he did I am sure he might think again about what fuel he might use for this year’s Halloween barbecue.

Suggestions for books to burn are welcome!



The ‘grace Baptist church’  announced that ‘burning’ was a great success! Well actually they were hiding in a house overwhelmed by protesters and the rain! Here you will find their glowing report! If you scroll down the page you will see the reasons for burning the said books. you will also see that the pastor’s reasoning is from ignorance rather than careful research, hermenutical analyses, or knowledge! As I presumed in the original post he has no knowledge of biblical languages or any other language but English (and that one probably limited to his dialect).

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