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In just over a week, on the 12th of February, we will be marking the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth.The scientific (and religious) world are gearing up towards marking this important event. There are numerous programmes commission and to be broadcasted by BBC. Publishers are planning book launches, and many periodicals are marking this big event with special editions. Across the UK (and other countries) Institutions are planning many other events, lectures etc….

Religious communities are also gearing towards marking this event. Some churches are encouraged to celebrate this event and mark it through helping people see that Darwin’s achievement should be seen in terms of a blessing and should be affirmed as a step forward not just for human kind and scientific progress but also as a building block in our faith journey and in our understanding of God and his wonderful work in Creation. However to many Christians’ regret there are some Christians who are going to mark this important anniversary by declaring anathema all those that think evolution is compatible with faith in a Creator God.

To my surprise I received this morning an email from a small Christian publishing house which encouraged me to purchase one of their product The Delusion of Evolution. Here is the letter which you can also find on this website:

Dear Friends

With all those uniquely formed snowflakes falling outside, now is the perfect time to stock up on your copies of The Delusion of Evolution. No need to leave the house, just a couple of clicks online and they’ll be winging their way to you faster than you can say “I am more than the product of a chance meeting of atoms in a primeval swamp!”

With the country at large celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth on 12 February, we at New Life Publishing are promoting a Delusion of Evolution Day instead. A day to celebrate the truly staggering complexity and diversity of life that bears all the hallmarks of its designer, creator and sustainer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

How to celebrate Delusion of Evolution Day
– Take a copy for every member in your church
– Give a copy to everyone in your church youth group
– Ask if your local school will accept copies for their biology or RE classes
– Send a copy to all your local media and councillors etc.

The Delusion of Evolution is a compact, high-quality, magazine-style booklet that points out many of the flaws in evolutionary theory as taught in our schools and colleges, and puts valuable information into the hands of every believer to bolster faith and answer the critics.

Contents include
– What your biology teacher never told you
– Nature’s nanotechnology shows every sign of design
– Richard Dawkins confesses he can’t prove evolution
– Evidence leads top scientist to Intelligent Design

The Delusion of Evolution – an attractive, clear, 28-page booklet. Prices start from as little as 59p per copy including carriage. Full details here.

If you would like copies of The Delusion of Evolution call Barry in our sales department today on 0115 921 7280 or simply reply to this email.

Every blessing

In 2007 we marked the bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. This was also a very important event and we marked it with special events.


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Viva evolution

Illustration by Brent Clark

I am posting here a link to an  article “Viva evolution” written by Denis Alexander, a Christian Biologist, which appeared in the last issues of Third Way Magazine (a respected UK Evangelical Magazine). This article is to give a flavour of his new book Creation or Evolution – Do We Have to Choose? which is published this month by Monarch.

In this short article, among other things, he seeks to encourage the Evangelical Christians to celebrate Darwinism and he tries to argue that accepting evolutionary theory is compatible with faith in a Creator God.

Do We Have to Choose?

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