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Now that we have entered into Lent I would like to share this Lent prayer that arrived in my inbox last week. Thanks to my colleague Puck for forwarding it to me.

A Lent prayer for Asylum seekers and refugees

Wise and compassionate God, help us to bear the burdens refugees
and asylum-seekers carry and not simply seek to shift the burden onto others.
Call our leaders to justice, generosity and compassion. Help them create and
implement strategies that are fair and just and treat refugees and asylum-seekers with dignity and care.

O God, our comforter, we ask you to comfort the broken-hearted and protect the
vulnerable. We pray for those who live in fear of detention and removal, for those who are in detention at this time and for those who face removal to an uncertain future. We ask you to assure them of your great love, surround them with your presence and fill them with your peace.

God bless our eyes so that we will recognise injustices.
God bless our ears so that we will hear the cry of the stranger.
God bless our mouths so that we will speak words of welcome to newcomers.
God bless our shoulders so we will be able to bear the weight of struggling for justice.
God bless our hands so that we can work together with all people to establish peace.


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